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Georgia Transplant Foundation's (GTF) programs and services are shaped by the needs of the transplant community. Our methods for listening to the community focus on feedback through surveys, asking clients to share their perspectives and opinions on their experiences with GTF as an organization, and allowing us to hear about areas for improvement directly through the experiences and perceptions of the people who receive our services. Asking clients "How could we make this better for you?", "Are your needs being met?", "Do you feel included?" provides us with the high-quality feedback we need in order to begin assessing these perspectives.

Through our "Community Chat" get-togethers, we are able to combine insight gained from surveys alongside feedback through these discussions, ultimately giving us deeper input from the community we serve. Additionally, the combination of avenues for input allows clients to take-on a more active role with the Foundation's decision-making process. 

Please join us for an opportunity to have real interaction and discussion between the GTF staff and the transplant community and share your input and ideas with us. We hope that you will come to the GTF office in Roswell for some pizza and enriching conversation.

Upcoming Community Chat opportunities are scheduled for:

Tuesday, September 12 at 6pm
Monday, September 18 at 12pm (noon)


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