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Your generous support will ensure that transplant patients and their families have access to the vital programs and services provided by the Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF). With your help, we will be able to continue enriching lives and bridging the gap between hope and opportunity.

The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property. As a 501(c)3, any cryptocurrency donation to the Georgia Transplant Foundation receives the same tax treatment as stocks. Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. This makes Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax efficient ways to support GTF.

Cryptocurrency donations are powered by our trusted partner, The Giving Block. Please click here If you would like to donate with other payment methods.

Learn More About Cryptocurrency

If you want to learn more about how donating crypto can lower your taxes, check out Talk to a crypto-savvy tax professional or connect with The Giving Block to get connected with one.

If you have any questions about donating cryptocurrency to GTF, please send an email to