Our Programs

Georgia Transplant Foundation provides a complete range of programs and services to help transplant patients and their families at all stages of their transplant journey.

Living Longer, Healthier Lives

Thanks to GTF services, more people in Georgia are living longer with transplanted organs and are resuming healthy, productive lives. As Georgia's organ transplant population continues to increase, GTF remains the only organization providing critical, non-medical assistance.

Financial Assistance Programs

These programs offer transitional, short-term support to individuals and families affected by transplantation.

Transplant Fundraising Program (TFP)

This program assists transplant candidates and recipients in preparing financially for the ongoing costs of transplantation, specifically prescription medication expenses and insurance premiums.

Education & Community Programs

Support programs and services geared towards educating and supporting the community affected by transplantation.


Enriching Lives

Video Overview of How GTF Can Help