Education & Community

We are proud to be able to provide the transplant community with a wide range of educational and emotional support programs.

Academic Scholarships

Realizing that transplantation poses financial hardships on the entire family, GTF annually awards academic scholarships to selected students who are transplant recipients, dependents or siblings of a transplant recipient, and living donors.

JumpStart Program

JumpStart helps organ transplant candidates, recipients, and their families accomplish career goals through its accredited employment services, strategic partnerships and educational resources.

Support Groups

To meet the needs of the transplant community, we hold monthly digital meetings for support and networking for Georgia resident along their transplant journey (pre- or post-transplant patients, dialysis, caregivers, all organ groups are all welcome).

The Mentor Project

The Mentor Project provides one-to-one contact between people living successfully with a transplant and people who are new or adjusting to the world of transplantation. The Mentor Project has trained mentors who have a desire to help support others through the transplant process.

Trends In Transplant (TNT)

One-day seminars hosted in designated outreach areas across Georgia covering medical issues of wellness and transplantation, as well as GTF programs and services.

Couples Enrichment Retreat

The retreat is designed for couples who value their relationship and want it to be strong and enduring while they adjust to the changes related to transplantation. It is open to organ transplant recipients and their spouses/significant others, or the parents of a transplant recipient.

Enriching Lives