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JumpStart is an employment and career development service available to any transplant recipient, candidates, parent of a transplanted child, spouse/significant other, or living donor. JumpStart counselors work one-on-one with clients in determining their needs, abilities, and assisting in finding appropriate employment.

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JumpStart helps the organ transplant community through its employment services, strategic partnerships and educational resources.

Since healthcare benefits are a primary contributor to post-transplant well-being, JumpStart makes every effort to support clients in meeting insurance needs through full-time employment. Additionally, the program can assist clients with part-time work while maintaining their Social Security benefits.

JumpStart services include:

  • Identifying career options.
  • Defining job search goals.
  • Identifying transferable skills to allow transition to a new field of work.
  • Information on the Americans with Disabilities Act and worksite modification protection.
  • Partners with Department of Labor Rehabilitation Services.
  • Pre-employment skills analysis.
  • On-the-job training opportunities.
  • Job readiness- preparing for the interview process (resume and interview skills).
  • One-on-one coaching to help launch a successful job search.
  • Referral to educational programs and training.
  • Navigating Social Security Administration work incentives.
  • Utilizing skills assessment tools.

While JumpStart is not a placement service, it does provide clients with the tools necessary to prepare them for employment. All services are customized for the organ transplant community and are tailored to meet the specific needs and career level of each client.


Strategic Partnerships

JumpStart partners with the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency and community resources that provide information about health insurance, Social Security benefits, government assistance and legal needs. The program also offers clients referrals to short-term educational and training resources in areas like computer skills, customer service and income tax preparation.

Education & Training

Referrals to educational resources and training are a vital service offered to JumpStart clients. During the assessment phase, the career counselor determines the clients’ need for education or training to prepare them for job placement and for a lifetime of career opportunities. The education and training assessment may include:

  • Discovering career options.
  • Completing skills assessment tools to match the client's interests.
  • Identifying transferrable skills to allow transition to a new field of work.
  • Conducting a Labor Market Survey to investigate salaries and education requirements.
Apprenticeship Opportunities

Through JumpStart’s Apprenticeship Program, clients have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in a variety of skilled and non-skilled work settings by connecting with community resources and strategic partnership organizations that provide free training. This program is intended to reinforce the competitive strength of client's resumes and work skills by making them more marketable through short-term training placements, and improving their overall opportunity to receive permanent employment.

JumpStart's apprentices may be employed by the organization or may be engaged as an independent contractor. Apprenticeships are based on the need for:

  • On-the-job training.
  • Acquiring a new skill set.
  • Work experience.
  • Building confidence and a smooth transition back to work.
  • Updating resume with current work history.

Please Note: Training and apprenticeship opportunities are outsourced through our Strategic Partnerships and community resources. JumpStart does not offer training at the Georgia Transplant Foundation facility.

Roadmap to Success Workshop

The JumpStart Program holds workshops that are uniquely tailored for the organ transplant recipients entering or reentering the workforce for today’s job market. These workshops are very informative and interactive, and you go away with preparations plus connections to have a successful job search. Additionally, they feature a hands-on computer training class for instruction on How to Find Jobs Online.

During the pandemic and for 2021, JumpStart and expert guests will host virtual workshops to brush up on your job interview skills and job search. These workshops will take place on April 8, July 15, and October 14. To register, please email jumpstart@gatransplant.org.


Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for the JumpStart Program you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Georgia resident.
  • At least 16 years old.
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • Be an organ transplant recipient.
    • UNOS-listed organ transplant candidate.
    • The spouse of a transplant candidate or recipient.
    • The parent of a transplanted child under 21.

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To begin the application process, please fill out the Referral Form below. Once completed, the program's career counselor will be in touch with you to begin the process and to answer your questions.

By Mail

If you prefer to mail-in the Referral Form, please download it and once completed, mail it to the Georgia Transplant Foundation at the address listed below:

Georgia Transplant Foundation
Attn: JumpStart Program
2201 Macy Drive
Roswell, GA 30076


Education and Training

Government Assistance



For more information about the JumpStart Program or to start the enrollment process, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. The program’s career counselor will be in touch with you shortly to begin the process and to answer all of your questions.