As a statewide organization, it is our goal to offer services to every transplant patient and family in Georgia.

With that in mind, GTF developed the Trends in Transplant (TNT) Conferences to bring transplant-related resources and education to all areas of Georgia. Each year, the program offers new topics specifically of interest to pre- and post-transplant patients.

Typically at a TNT conference, transplant physicians and medical experts offer seminars on topics such as: Navigating Transplant Wellness, Maintaining Skin Care, Transplant Journey: A Patient Perspective, and more. GTF staff also provides information on pre-transplant fundraising, offering advice to candidates who seek to raise funds in their communities for their post-transplant needs. In addition, it provides an opportunity for networking which enabled attendees to connect with other transplant recipients who live in their communities. Admittance to a TNT conference is free for you and a guest, and includes lunch.

This year, we are happy to be back to in-person TNT Conferences which will take place in Macon (March 25), Augusta (August 19), and Atlanta (October 28). Stay tuned for more information!


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