Financial Assistance

GTF responds to overwhelming financial needs related to transplant by offering transitional, short-term support during these critical times.

Transplant patients and their families often face overwhelming financial needs related to their transplants.

Our Financial Assistance Programs are available to applicants who have demonstrated an acute financial need related to their transplant — one that cannot be met through other resources.

All programs are limited to Georgia residents. Programs serve solid organ transplant recipients, UNOS-listed candidates, dialysis patients seeking a transplant, and living donors. Applicants may access these programs through their dialysis or transplant center social worker.


Emergency Assistance

Provides financial assistance alleviating a crisis situation or offering transitional support for emergency needs that are not considered medical in nature but have a direct impact on the survival and health of the transplant recipient.

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Evaluation Assistance

Provides access to transplantation for potential candidates who must travel to the hospital for evaluation and need help with the fuel and lodging costs associated with travel.

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Lodging Assistance

Helps with temporary lodging costs while one is away from home seeking transplant related care. This must be pre- approved and is subject to a daily maximum.

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Pediatric Assistance

Helps in circumstances unique to pediatric candidates/recipients and their families.

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Dental Assistance

Provides grants to both pre- and post-transplant clients to assist in accessing appropriate dental care directly related to transplant needs. All dental care must be pre-approved.

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Insurance Assistance

Provides financial assistance for the cost of an individual’s insurance premiums for a limited time for candidates not covered by Medicare, and for recipients.

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Living Donor Assistance

Provides assistance based on need to living donors for financial hardships created by their organ donation.

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Medication Assistance

Helps recipients obtain medications by providing financial support on a limited basis to allow time for a permanent plan for medication needs to be implemented.

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Transportation Assistance

Helps with the cost of travel to and from the transplant center for follow-up care.

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