The Lodging Assistance Program provides financial assistance with temporary housing costs specifically related to the transplant that arise due to follow-up care and unexpected complications.

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Many recipients, candidates and family members require lodging in the area surrounding their transplant center for follow-up medical care.

Often times, candidates and recipients lack the resources to afford the additional expenses they incur while receiving treatment far from home when they are still having to pay for their permanent home. Additionally, there are often times unexpected lodging needs that arise with follow-up care and unexpected complications, and many patients and families cannot afford this cost. 

The program is not meant to take the place of pre-transplant planning nor is it intended to address short-term/on-going follow-up visits to the transplant center. Requests for post-transplant assistance will not be approved pre-transplant.


Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Georgia resident.
  • Solid organ transplant recipient.
  • Evidence of financial need.
  • Proof of a need related to transplant.
  • Lodging Assistance can be offered for the family during the pre-transplant stay while the patient is hospitalized, or post-transplant, as required by the medical team.
  • Lodging needs must be pre-approved.
  • Lodging assistance is not meant to take the place of pre-transplant planning or to address housing needs for ongoing/routine clinic visits; evidence of working on a permanent solution to address the need.

Application Process:

  1. Discuss your need with your transplant center social worker.
  2. Submit completed application to your social worker or through the online application form below.
  3. Provide documents to support the requested assistance.
  4. Applications will be reviewed, once submitted and complete.
  5. Requesting social worker will be notified regarding the review decision.
  6. Checks are written payable to the vendor


Apply Online

You can use our online form to apply for this program. Note: To access the online application, you will need a password provided by your transplant center social worker.

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Apply By Mail

Download and fill out out the application. Once completed, submit it to your transplant center social worker with the necessary documentation.

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Please inquire only is space is available. Do not reserve with any of these options before GTF has given your social worker authorization.