The goal of the Transportation Assistance Program is to provide financial assistance to recently transplant recipients to mitigate fuel costs associated with follow-up care in the months following their procedure.

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Transplant recipients must travel to the hospital for frequent follow-up appointments and labs in the months following their transplant.

Georgia Transplant Foundation’s Transportation Assistance Program was officially launched in 2014 with the goal of providing financial assistance to recently transplanted Georgians in order to mitigate fuel costs associated with follow-up care.

These recipients often lack the resources to afford fuel costs associated with this required travel. The Transportation Program is not meant to cover all fuel costs or parking fees, nor is it intended to address long-term follow-up visits to the transplant center.


Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Must be a Georgia resident.
  • Transplant recipient.
  • Show evidence of financial need.
  • Transportation Assistance is based on financial need and must be approved in 30-day increments. It will be offered for a maximum of three (3) months following the date of transplant.
  • The amount of the assistance offered will be based on the distance from the patient’s home to the transplant center. Frequency of required follow-up visits will be considered as well.

Application Process:

  1. Discuss your need with your transplant center social worker.
  2. Submit completed application to your social worker or through the online application form below.
  3. Provide documents to support the requested assistance.
  4. Applications will be reviewed, once submitted and complete.
  5. Requesting social worker will be notified regarding the review decision.
  6. Checks are written, payable to the patient, and mailed to the transplant recipient's home.


Apply Online

You can use our online form to apply for this program. Note: To access the online application, you will need a password provided by your transplant center social worker.

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Apply By Mail

Download and fill out out the application. Once completed, submit it to your transplant center social worker with the necessary documentation.

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