Triumph on Giving Tuesday

Every year, the world unites for Giving Tuesday, a global movement dedicated to generosity that takes place on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. In 2023, the Georgia Transplant Foundation (GTF) embraced the spirit of Giving Tuesday wholeheartedly, urging the people of Georgia to become #GTFHeroes and #GiveMore. We know the people of this great state can come together and do incredible things, and Giving Tuesday proved it.

The campaign revolved around the community’s potential to provide love, hope, inspiration, and opportunities to transplant patients. Through poignant real-life stories of individuals GTF has assisted, the campaign illustrated the profound impact each person could make on Giving Tuesday. The simple idea of being a GTF Hero encouraged individuals to contribute, regardless of the amount, to help one person receive the assistance they needed. Highlighting the collective power of these individual efforts emphasized that, together, everyone could receive the support they required.

A pivotal factor in the success of Giving Tuesday 2023 for GTF was the dedication of its board. Members of the Board of Directors exemplified what it meant to be a GTF Hero by actively participating in the campaign. These individuals, already generous with their time to GTF, tirelessly rallied their networks to help reach the Giving Tuesday goal. Utilizing various methods tailored to their communities, such as interviews, reading excerpts, live Q&A sessions, or word of mouth, the board members showcased their commitment to making a real difference.

Of course, though, the true heroes of the day were the community members who stepped up and took part. Every single one of you who played a role in Giving Tuesday is a GTF Hero. Whether you gave, shared, or just watched the day unfold, you took part in a massive day for GTF, and you helped make a monumental difference for the transplant community of Georgia. 

In the end, Giving Tuesday was a massive success, raising over $80,000 for transplant patients and their families. It was a full day of community building and generosity, and the success of 2023 has laid the groundwork for even more terrific Giving Tuesdays ahead. As GTF continues to elevate expectations and ensure that Giving Tuesday becomes a day eagerly anticipated and celebrated by transplant patients, we can count on you to be a GTF Hero when the time comes again. Your involvement has made a lasting impact, and for that, GTF extends a heartfelt thank you! See you on Giving Tuesday 2024!